Technology - Supreme Ruler Of Our World

Technology Has Changed Our Lives

We are human, we invent and develop technology to bring good change to our life. But now, technology is changing our lives every second. Technology has changed our lives by increasing the speed of time, with technology it takes less time to complete any task. Technology is everywhere, it is in the air, food, water, business, banks, shopping, education, electricity, office, marketing, communication, cars, parking, etc. 

Technology is the Supreme Ruler and as a creator we are responsible for this. And as a creator we are knowledgeable enough to manipulate with technology too. When we get up in the morning what do we think? How to live the life we want to! How to earn more money! How to achieve our goals and dream! Technology is there to help us with all we want. You can get many businesses and people ready to help you when you search on internet, they use technologies to target you. They are selling their product on internet through advertisement.

E.g. We search for health tips, how to reduce fat in a month on internet. The company/business which pays more for their advertisement comes first in the list of search result and we open their website/page and then contact them for help.

Information Technologies are changing the way we do business, everything soon be automated. Almost every business around the world is using technologies. They want to be on internet as everybody is searching any service/business on the internet. This brings more profit in less time without humans, it is because everyone is in a hurry to make money before their competitors do.

In the past we were not able to get information and knowledge so quickly with flexibility. Technology has changed the way of education and learning methods. School and colleges were far from home, learning might not be interesting for some in certain ways. But now, thanks to technology we have online school and colleges. There are various types of online courses with different content. We can study and get degrees online using internet on any device. This is an excellent change technology has got for us. This is a positive one as it gives us the ease to study when we want and choose from multiple online school/colleges.

Today we can communicate with anyone from any corner of the world within seconds because of technology. We have WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms from where we can be seen and heard to everyone across the globe.

It is clear that technology affects our work habits, we want productivity and its great for our business. We can measure the quality of our product and services, make necessary changes to speed up production process. We can sell product and get paid on the internet which is simply great for business. It will reduce the production cost and increase profit. Technology is the one important part of our life which cannot be ignored.

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” I would love to see technologies that center almost entirely on well-being. I think the brilliant minds of future will focus on everyone living a fulfilling life. “

Bill Gates

Founder of Microsoft Corporation

” The problem with many companies is that they are missing out on future. Invention is not enough, you have to get it out and make sure people use it. “

Larry Page

Founder of Google LLC